BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast

Radio Hour, Volume 31

January 29, 2020

Episode #134 of BGMania. This episode of Radio Hour is a special one. Recently, Bryan and Jessica had the pleasure of attending the NieR Orchestra Concert in Chicago, and while they talked heavily about it on this past week's episode of Max Level, Bryan recounts several stories from the concert itself on today's episode while playing music that we heard during the actual concert. Radio Hour is generally an eclectic mix of music, and while it still mostly is this month, we lean heavily into NieR and NieR: Automata for this special occasion! Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Marluxia Data Battle (Kingdom Hearts III ReMind) [2020]
  2. Snow in Summer (NieR) [2010]
  3. Para la Vida (Tropico 6) [2019]
  4. Kaine (NieR) [2010]
  5. Original Sin (Divinity: Original Sin) [2014]
  6. False God (The Talos Principle) [2014]
  7. City Ruins (NieR: Automata) [2017]
  8. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA Variation (Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot) [2020]
  9. Bipolar Nightmare (NieR: Automata) [2017]
  10. Pascal (NieR: Automata) [2017]
  11. No Future (Black Future '88) [2019]
  12. Mourning (NieR: Automata) [2017]


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